Every year our 450 ewes produce around 900 lambs during February half term and the Easter holidays so there’s a great chance of seeing a lamb being born at these times of year.

There’s always a chance of seeing a live birth as we average 2 or 3 litters of piglets every week. We produce well over 1000 pigs every year so young pigs are always on show.

We have lots of goats of various different breeds; every spring over 100 kids are born. Our pygmy goats are particularly mischievous and often use the backs of the other animals as a playground. You’ll find them in the rare breeds barn. Our milking goats can be found in the milking parlour.

We have around half a dozen baby llamas every year. We also have a small herd of alpacas bringing a South American flavour to the rare breeds barn.

Our hardy little Shetland ponies hail from the Scottish Islands that gave them their name. Last year we had three foals all born within a few weeks of each other. I wonder what this year will bring?