All the beef sold in our newly refurbished and extended Farm Shop comes from our own cattle. Careful husbandry means we ensure the beef we sell is of a consistently high standard.

We only use cattle types specifically reared to produce beef meaning quality is never compromised. Demand for Beef in the farm shop has never been higher and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up for service and quality.

Our cattle come from suckler herds, spending the first year of their lives with their mothers, giving them the very best start in life. We dry age our Beef for four weeks providing cuts of optimum quality, full of taste, meltingly tender and free of growth promoters and hormones.

Our traditional farming and butchery methods handed down through the generations provide some of the finest quality meat you’ll taste anywhere. We are confident that once you’ve tasted the difference you won’t want to buy beef anywhere else.